Want to win an Andy Warhol, worth 20,000 Australian dollars, or 15,500 euros? It is certainly not something that happens every day! Then fly to Melbourne, revenue all’Olsen Hotel (Hotel Chain Art Series) and participate in the contest “Which’s Warhol Warhol’s“. The challenge? Guess what is the artist’s original painting hangs in the lobby next to nine false. Who is the real work and gives an interesting explanation about his thesis, will take home the canvas. Who errs but you will have to satisfy the nine false copyright made by master forger Tony Tetro.To participate there is time until August 3.

Ten ‘Warhol’s’ will hang at Art Series Hotels between 15 May and 3 Aug, but only one of them is real. Book a stay at The Cullen, The Olsen or The Blackman, and while you’re there you’ll get the opportunity to guess which is the original. The winner is the person who not only correctly identifies the original, but who gives us the most interesting reason for their choice.
Tetro fakes will be revealed weekly and those who had mistaken it for the real McCoy but had best tickled our interest with creative and insightful rationale, will take home an Art Series signed Cullen or Olsen print.

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