Bottega Verde coupon

Bottega Verde, an Italian leading brand of natural ingredient-based cosmetic products, offers you an unparalleled chance of enjoying great discounts on selected products from its range:

– Buy maximum 3 out of the offered hand creams for 3.49€ each, with a discount over 60%;
– Buy up to 3 out of the offered face creams for 6.99€ each, with discounts up to 70%;
– Buy maximum 3 of the offered body creams for 8,99€ each, with discounts from 49 up to over 60%
– Enjoy a 60% discount for unlimited purchase on the 10 best selling products.

Bottega verde coupon

Coupon can be used only once in the Bottega Verde shops taking part to the promotion. Discounts are calculated on published full prices, and they are not applicable to new products and to those which are already included in other promotions.

Offer is valid until April 15th, 2013.

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