Free sample Silhouette Active Fit

From the new Silhouette line, is proud to present the opportunity for YOU to try a free sample of some new and improved products from the Depends Underwear, Brieds, and other products brand you´ve come to know and love. Choose from one Depend´s three new releases: Depend Silhouette, Depend Silhouette Active Fit, and Depend for Women Underwear with Fit Flex protection to find out which fit works best for you. Simply send us a request with your desired silhouette free sample and size and we will let you try them out with absolutely no strings attached!

The Depends silhouette free Sample Pack includes: 2 Depend silhouette briefs, a $2 Coupon off future purchases, and an informational brochure on how Depends can help work for you and your active lifestyle. In just two to three weeks you´ll recieve your complimentary sample that can help you continue to grow and live your life to the fullest.

Sometimes, its all about finding what fits in your life. Let Depends fit into yours and help get you back to feeling your best self with our complimentary Silhouette Sample Pack available from

So drop your pants and slip into one of our new free sample silhouettes to see for yourself how you can make Depends work for your lifestyle!

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