How to request free samples is a site that offers everyone a way to sample products from many different companies absolutely free. It is simple to use and did I mention it’s free.

DimmiCosacerchi is a community where companies offer free samples, discounts and prizes. After completing that registration which is completely free, members will be able to gain access to thousands offers and giveaways posted on the site. DimmiCosaCerchi is used by companies to market test products and for companies to promote their goods, so it will always be absolutely free. All anyone has to do is to look at the website and chose from the many great offers that are posted on the site everyday. Many of the offers are completely free but some may ask for a contribution towards postage but that will be clearly set out in the text.

What To Do Next?

Lots of the companies that use this site will post their offers and giveaways and reading the text will give clear instructions on how to claim the freebie. In 90% of cases this will just be clicking on a link that take to to a form which you can leave your details on so that your sample can be sent to you. The remaining 10% of cases, may require customers to log onto the particular company’s website and follow the instructions from there. Whatever is required it will be easy to accomplish and take only a short time.

What Type of Offers are Available?

There are so many different offers that it is impossible to list them all.
After you register, customers have free access to all parts of the website which is thematically arranged and these include clothing, sporting goods, coupons and many others. The site is easy to navigate and customers will find what they want quite easily. However there is also a search facility which will assist everyone to find exactly what they want. The website is always packed with great giveaways and offers that disprove the maxim that there is no such thing as a free lunch. All that is needed is a few minutes to register and a world of free gifts, samples and offers awaits.