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    Free sample CleanRipple®Texture by Cottonelle

    Free sample CleanRipple®Texture by Cottonelle

    Cottonelle are running a fun promotion called Go Commando. They say that their toilet hygiene products get you so clean that you will be able to go commando (without underwear) with full confidence. The great thing is that you can get a free sample from them so you can see if their claims are true. […]

  • Free sample Résistance Thérapiste by Kerastase

    Free sample Résistance Thérapiste by Kerastase

    Kerastase Paris has brought out a new innovation for damaged and over processed hair. If you love using heat or color on your hair then this product will be great for you. However, it can be costly to buy a full bottle before knowing if it will benefit you in the long run or suit […]

  • Free Sample for cats: Meow Mix

    Free Sample for cats: Meow Mix

    Meow Mix for cats are running a promotion where they would like you to post a photo or short video to their site, sign up and you will be enrolled into the Acatemy. Being enrolled into the Acatemy means you’ll be sent a free sample or treats for you and your cats to enjoy. Taking […]

  • Playtex Sport free sample

    Playtex Sport free sample

    To obtain a free sample from Playtex Sport all you have to do is visit: Here you will see that Playtex Sport are running a promotion, you can enter 2 codes from packs to get a free t-shirt, take a fun quiz or get a sample for free. You need to click on the […]

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    Print coupons with Pgeveryday

    Print coupons with Pgeveryday

    Trying to make that weekly grocery budget stretch the extra mile? Coupons can make all the difference when you are trying to save money on everyday household items – such as home and garden; health and wellbeing; family life and beauty items. Take advantage of P&G’s printable coupons to save money on your next grocery […]

  • Free sample pack by Mijelloart

    Free sample pack by Mijelloart

    Mijello is offering a free sample of their watercolor paints. This offer includes a 2 color trial pack with free shipping to the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. To get your free gift go to Mijello’s site and fill out the request form. Your name, address and email is required. There is a comments […]

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