Try for free New Finish® Shine & Protect

If you have a dishwasher then this deal is for you! The Finish range of products are known for their outstanding performance and lasting shine. Now you have the chance to try one of several products for free. This isn’t just limited to detergent either, it covers their dishwasher cleaners and fresheners as well.

To take advantage of this great offer you can go to: Here you will see the range of products that you can get for free. There’s several buttons for you to choose from, you can print the offer, email it to yourself and print it later, share it with your friends or buy the product from the link provided.

This offer from Finish is a mail-in rebate offer. The way this works is that you buy the product of your choice. You must then print out the relevant form from the site linked above. There are two to choose from, one for detergents and one for cleaners and fresheners. Print out the form and add your name and address, then send it to the address on the form. You must also attach your receipt showing your purchase.

If you want to it online rather than by post, you can go to, enter your details, upload a scan of your receipt and claim that way. Once this or the postal form has been received and verified you will then get a rebate of $8.00 which will cover the cost of your original purchase.

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