Win Miss Manga Mega Volume

Visit to enter the contest to find Miss Manga and win amazing Manga prizes including the luscious Miss Manga mega Volume.

Miss Manga was shopping for her mega Volume and got lost somewhere on the website. We need your help to find Miss Manga so we are having a contest to say thank you to the people who help us to get her home safely. Just go to and click on the Find the Panda button to enter the contest to be in to WIN.

Miss Manga was last seen looking at the lipsticks but she could be anywhere so have a good look around. Oh, and make sure you spot the right panda! There are a few impostors out there who all have their mega Volume on so look very carefully. Miss Manga is a little shy but she is feeling very happy with her new mega Volume purchase.

Win Miss Manga Mega Volume

Once you find Miss Manga, and are sure you have the right panda, click on her face and then enter your details so we can deliver your reward.

So off you go, find the pretty panda by going to to enter the contest to win yourself some amazing Manga prizes. While you are there you can also download free Miss Manga wallpapers for your computer, tablet or phone to give you inspiration for your Manga look.

Help us find the panda and find the Manga you!! MAN GAAA!!!


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